As Julie Andrews once sang, These are a few of my favourite things…

Current Favourite Video:

Meet Buck


Cold Hard Flash - First stop for all things Flash/Toonboom related


KNUNKTop Geezer Jez Hall and his other ongoing projects with Freakish Kid

All kinds of stuffThe musings of John Kricfalusi

Character DesignExtensive interviews with some of the best in the business

Local Talent:

47 Newton St. ManchesterThis one building houses a mini collective of Producers, Directors, Animators, Illustrators, Movers and Shakers, They can turn their hands to any type of project. Firestep - Claire GreyKilogramme

Factory Transmedia - A new studio for the region aiming to cover all areas of media production.

Chris Coady – Super talented Illustrator here in the North West.

Gary Noden – Just finished working with him on Muddle Earth and he’s a top bloke and very handy at After FX among other things.

Emily and Anne – Whilst working on Muddle Earth I had the pleasure of working with Anne Wilkins. She and Emily have a style all their own and have a bright future ahead of them.

Motion Graphics/Compositing:

Motionographer – Motionographer is a great all round site for all things visual.

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